About Nutrilivol-H


  • Silymarin, Andrographi s paniculata, Iron as sodium Feredetate, Folic acid, Cyanocobalam ine, Zinc, Copper, Permitted colour Et flavour added.

Benefits of Nutrilivol-H

  • To improve feed intake in non-specific anorexia and indigestion
  • Follow up in blood protozoan diseases & anaemia
  • Supportive to antibiotics and follow up to de-worming
  • To improve liver function in liver disorders
  • Improvement in liver function for optimum productivity


  • Large Animal : 100 ml daily (Cattle, Buffalo, Horse & Camel)
  • Small Animal :50 ml daily (Goat & Sheep)
  • Birds : Chicks - 5 ml / 100 birds Adult : 10 ml / 100 birds
  • Fish : 10-20 ml/kg of feed or as directed by Veterinarian

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