About Golden Yolk

  • Golden yolk is Yellow Carotenoid pigment naturally extraded from the petals of African Marigold Flower(Tagetes ereda)
  • It is synergistic blend of Natural Lutein & otherXanthopliyll's
  • Golden Yolk doesnot interad with any feed ingredients & does not affed their potency.

Benefits of Golden Yolk

  • In layers & breeders,it imparts uniform golden yellow coloration of egg yolk
  • In broilers it improves pigmentation of skin & shank
  • Golden Yolk influence the innate immunity due to its antioxidant property & also has anti-inflammatory properties which enhances humoral & cellular immune response in chicken
  • It plays important role in eye health
  • It improves aesthetic coloration of poultry feed


  • layers:Corn/Maize %    Inclusion in feed
    40-60%    100 to 150gm / ton of feed
    20-40%    150 to 300gm/ton of feed
    0-20%    300 to 500 gm/ton of feed
  • Broilers :500 gm/ton of feed
  • Breeders - 500 gm/Ton of feed throughout
  • Dose of the Golden Yolk depends upon dietary corn/maize percentage,its quality in finished feed & the desired intensity of yolk pigmentation

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