About Nutrilisorb


  • The combination of Hydrolyzed Lysophospholipids includes
    • Lysophosphotidyl choline
    • Lysophosphotidyl ethanol amine
    • Phosphotidyl choline
  • Lysophospholipids are small bioactive lipid molecules
    characterized by a single carbon chain & polar head group
    which acts as superior emulsifiers & augment the absorption process.
    Lysophospholipids are the enzymatic hydrolysis product of Lecithin

Benefits of Nutrilisorb

  • Nutrilisorb helps to extract more nutritional value per unit of feed by
    increasing passive transport mechanism which results from altering intestinal absorption profile
  • Nutrilisorb has lower Critical Micellar Concentration than bile i.e. Less quantity of Nutrilisorb requires for emulsification compare to Bile salts
  • Nutrilisorb plays critical role in the absorption of all nutrients-aminoacids,lipids,fatsolublevitamins,minerals there by optimizes birds performance
  • Nutrilisorb has better or ganolepticproperties(taste &smell)compare to conventional feed grade emulsifiers
  • Nutrilisorb forms compact & smaller micellies there by helps in quicker absorption
  • In the intestine Nutrilisorb improves stable emulsion forming capacity of bile salts
  • Nutrilisorb helps to improve FCR,immunity,enhances livability & bird performance

Inclusion Rate

  • 500gm/Ton of feed
  • or as recommended by Poultry Nutritionist

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