About Nutrilivol Forte Ingredients

  • Allicin-anactive organosulfur compound of Garlic,Choline Chloride,
    Liver extract,Yeast extract,VitBi,B12,D-Panthenol,DLMethionine,L-Lysine,Manganese,
    Zinc,Niacinamide,Inositol & Natural Complex polysaccharides.
  • Allicin is responsible for the medicinal properties associated with the Garlic,but it is highly unstable compound
  • After crushing the garlic,allicin forms immediately but within 15-20 minit gets destroyed completely
  • So many times birds wont be able to get benefits of raw garlic feeding.
  • With Nutridians extra-stable{ES} technology the Allicin is available to birds.

Benefits of Nutrilivol Forte

  • Allicin & Natural complex polysaccharides boosts immunity,improves appetite,ensures gut health,flavours food,helps to reduce ammonia odour.Allicin has antibacterial & antiviral properties.It helps to reduce abdominal fat
  • Protect liver from toxic effects.
  • Treats an or exiaand hepatic disorders.
  • Helps to control fatty liver condition
  • lmmuno-modulatory effects & prevents stress on post-antibiotic therapy

Inclusion Rate

  • Broiler Pre-starter/ Starter - 500 gm/Ton of feed
  • Broiler Finisher - 250 gm/Ton of feed
  • Breeders - 500gm/Ton of feed throughout
  • Or as recommended by Poultry Nutritionist

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