About Nutrinex


  • Potassium Mono per sulphate compound
  • 49.8% w/w containing :TripleSalts
  • Potassium Monoper sulphate, Potassium Hydrogen Sulphate,Potassium Sulphate Sodium Chloride 1.5%,Buffers,Descaars Agent, Stabilzers,Detergents

Benefits of Nutrinex

  • Synergy of integrated chemical system of 6 biocides activity
  • Blend of per oxygen compounds,surfactants,organic acids and in organic buffer with stabilizer
  • Can be used as sanitizer,disinfectant and for removal of bio films in watering systems
  • Effectively useful in breeder farms,hatcheries,commercial farms,chicken processing plants,dairyplants,hoof cleaning of cattle and washing of all equipment
  • Highly effective against bacteria viruses and fungi with no evidence of resistance


  • Aerialdisinfection: 5gm/lit.water@1lit./ 100sq.ft.carpet area
  • Water sanitation:Routine water sanitation:1gm/10lit.of water
  • Water sanitation during disease out break(inpresence of birds): 1gm/lit.of water for 5-7days
  • Other usage:Egg cleaning & disinfection:10 gm/lit.of water
  • Foot and wheel dip: 10gm /lit.water,Terminal
    disinfection:5gm/litre water@1litre/25sq.ft. carpet area
  • Equipment disinfection:1:100@ 10g/lit.of water
  • Surface disinfection:1:100 @10g/lit.of water

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