About Nutritox MITB


  • Nutritox MITB is the perfect blend of Organic acids,HSCAS,Activated Carbon with high degree of toxin
    Binding Capacity,Phytobiotics,Live yeast & specially modified clay for betterToxin Binding & Mold
    Inhibition with improved efficiency.
  • Nutritox-MITB in corporates the synergy of Mold Inhibition & Toxin Binding for better
    Mycotoxin prevention & Management in the poultry feed
  • Nutritox provides optimal elimination for full range of Mycotoxins including
    Aflatoxins,Ochratoxins,Zearalenone,T2Toxin,HT2,NIV,DON,DAS,Fumonism & Alkaloidsetc.
    Specially derived herbal extract helps to maintain keeping quality of feed& prevents
    fungal attack on the ready feed while storage

Benefits of Nutritox MITB

  • Nutritox MITB contains Live yeast which on disintegration liberates MOS and
    B glucans Which potentiates action of toxin binder and helps to boost immunity
  • Activated Carbon-Activated carbon has high degree of porosity which greatly
    increases its surface area & the adsorption capacity
    Surface area of 1gm material
    Specialized clays     260m2
    Activated Carbon     3000m2
  • Nutritox MITB does not allow Fungus to grow in feed,
    hence improves shelf life of finished feed
  • Nutritox MITB provides optimal elimination of full range of Mycotoxins & helps
    to improve Gut Health Immunity
  • Nutritox MITB doesnot adsorb vital Nutrients and Vitamins from feed Nutritox MITB
  • effective on Bacterial Endotoxins & Chemical toxins


  • Mytoxin prevention Programme:1-1.5kg/Tonne of feed
  • Mycotoxin Treatment Programme:2Kg/Tonne of feed
    (When high degree of mould growth & toxicity is suspected)

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