About ValecidSR


  • Combination of organic acids, inorganic acids, essantial oils and phytochemicals protects entire gut (crop to ceca) from variety of pathogens
  • Formic acid    Valerie acid*   Essential oil
  • Acetic acid    Citric acid    Polyphenols
  • Propionic acid   Laurie acid    Curcumin
  • Butyric acid*   Phosphoric acid   Menthol


  • To control necrotic enteritis and other economically important bacterial infections
  • To improves intestinal defense and maintaining gut integrity
  • To maintains feed hygiene and to reduce pathogen intake through feed
  • To acidify gut for better nutrient digestion
  • To promote growth of probiotics especially lactobacilli
  • To reduces enterocytes villi inflammations


  • Broiler Prestarter and Layer Chick : 1 kg/ ton of feed
  • Broiler starter, Finisher and Layer : 500 gm/ ton of feed
  • Breeder : 500 gm to 1 kg/ ton of feed
  • Challenging situations :1 kg/ ton of feed for 10 day
  • Only Acidifier : 2 kg/ ton of feed

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